4x5inch Gallery


In summer 1996 I started large format photography. For better results than in the past time I use a Linhof Technika 4x5inch camera with a Schneider Apo Symmar 5,6/150mm, Kodak TRI X black & white films and my standard pictures are 12x16inch …




Here is one of my first pictures after I finished the rebuilding of my dark room ...



ca. 119KB


This picture was taken in the "Montafon" during a large format workshop with Andreas Weidner. I think it is not a masterpiece but this is my first 4x5 inch photography were the result is like the idea when I saw the blossoms. I read about this feeling some years ago in one of the Ansel Adams books, and now I understand what he meens.


Some technical Information: The original photography is 12x16 inch, to make it scanable I make a 8x10 inch print, scan it with 75dpi and convert it to jpg-format. No darkroom tricks or computer adaptation was nessesary.


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