La Montagnola (Etna ITA) 2.644m

Monday, 19.03.2001 - starting at Riposto Harbor, east side of Sicily, between Messina and Catania (2m) via Giarre,  Macchia, Milo (715m) to bivouac No.1 (925m)

Tuesday, 20.03.2001 - crossing the Lavafields on eastside of Mt. Etna, climbing the southern edge to Pt.1.858m (Serra del Salifizio) back downhill to: 

Lavafield of 1792 (1.628m) and bivouac No.2 (1.850m) 

Wednesday, 21.03.2001 - climbing rubble- and snowfields up to:


viewpoint (cross) Schiena del Asino (2.450m)

crossing via La Montagnola (2.644m)

to Rifugio Alpino (2.942m), finally downhill to Rifugio Sapienza (1.927m) and Bustransfer to Catania

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