Central Crater Monte Etna (ITA) 3.340m

Sunday, 13.03.2005 - starting on the east side of Sicily between Taormina and Catania in Sant’ Anna (0m) via Riposto Harbor, Giarre,  Macchia, Monacella to Milo (715m) and Camping Place (690m)

Monday, 14.03.2005 - crossing teraced gardens in west directions than turn to north and crossing the Lavafields 1852-1853 and 1950 on eastside of Mt. Etna to Camp1 (1.250m)

Tuesday, 15.03.2005 - climbing viewpoint M. Pontane and keeping north direction down to the street point 1.149m, than up the Lavafields of 1971 and than the 1928 to Rifugio Citelli and nearby Camp 2 (1.750m)

Wednesday, 16.03.2005 - between birchtrees up to the vegetation border and on a ridge of mixed Lavastones and snowfields to point 2.738m, than crossing three small hills and bypassing the Observatorio Vulcanologico to reach in direction to the North East Crater the Camp3 (3.020m) in the background the silhouette of Monte Etna in the sunset

Thursday, 17.03.2005 – bypassing the North East Crater and ignoring a helicopter getting very close to me, I reached the summit of Mt. Etna, the highest point of the Central Crater (3.340m) at 10:30

and than bypassing the South East Crater lefthand

and missing Rifugio Alpino?!, always down the hill in south direction, bypassing La Montagnola leftside finally to Rifugio Sapienza (1.927m) and Bustransfer to Catania

Directlink to my Etna Trekking in March 2001