the austrian Danube-bike-trail, or from Passau over Linz to Vienna:

Passau is a town nearby the german-austrian border where the rivers Inn and Ilz flow into the Danube. Downstream the river Danube there is a marked trail for biking which is used by a lot of sporting tourists during the summer. Biking this trail in the winter and sleeping in a tent there will be a little spirit of adventure.


Equipment: Simplon Troxx mountain bike, Hilleberg Nammatj 2 tent and Kohla rucksack

Distance: 333km (104km/89km/140km)

Weather: +1 to +5 Celsius degree, misty morning, cloudy days and on second day slight head wind

Time: 31. Dez. 1997 till 02. Jan. 1998 - required biking time 17 hours and 57 minutes

Kilometers/hour: average 18,5 km/h and 41 km/h top speed

Statement: no technical problems, disagreeable were the cold toes and the condensed water in the tent


Equipment: Simplon Troxx mountain bike and a Jack Wolfskin rucksack
Distance: 370km (209km/161km)

Weather: about +15 Celsius degree, on first day sunny and cloudy - on second morning about four hours rain
Time: 13. May 1999 till 14. May 1999 - required biking time 17 hours and 56 minutes
Kilometers/hour: averae 20,6 km/h and 44 km/h top speed
Statement: a lot of biking tourists, the longer distance than in the first trip happend becouse I try to take the unknown embankkment of river danube and visite abbey Melk