Hochschwab 2.277m




Specification: There are 46 summits higher than 2.000m in the Hochschwab mountains. On 9. March 1895 Toni Schruf was the first how reach the Hochschwab peak by ski. The Hochschwab is the easterly mountain-range of the Alps.
From the east-side you start in Seewiesen 968m and follows the long distance way 01. This trail make it possible to cross the Hochschwab mountain-range in 2-3 days to the west end Eisenerz 736m. Nearby the peak you find the Schiestl House 2.188m only a half hour walktime away.
From the south-side the guest-house Bodenbauer 884m is one of my favorite starting points. If you take the north-east way you reach the peak on the shortest way by climbing the G'hackte path with some securing helps. The north-west way will bring you to the H_uselalm 1.528m and after reaching the plateau follow the way number 01 to the peak. This way take Toni Schruf by his first ski-ascent.
From the west-side you start at the lovely Leopoldsteiner sea 619m nearby Eisenerz. Bypassing the Brandstein 2.003m and the Ebenstein 2.123 you reach within 1 day the Sonnschien hut. If you go further in 4km you arrive at the H_uselalm an then by following the trail in 12km you reach the Hochschwab peak 2.277m
Of course there are much more trails (special book by the OEAV "Austrian Alps Club") with different difficulty and length.